• Work on the go
  • Access and edit your files anywhere
  • Backup your office computers
  • Bank level security
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Share large files
  • Compatible with all devices


Millions of people have entrusted Layerdrive with their files.


  • Get your business online
  • Register your domain fast & easy
  • Get the assistance of our pros to increase visitors
  • More than 300 scripts with one click install.
  • Enhanced by cPanel
  • Daily Backups*
  • Multiple layers of security, hardware and software firewalls in place.


*Backups has only a retention of 7 days.


Automation is here to stay, with Layercare you will be able to discover all your devices and install the agent automatically saving you valuable time.

Management is something that you will love since you don't need to jump to apply a fix, just do it from your control panel without interrupting the user.

In addition we can help you with patches that can just applied following rules that you can setup in the system.

Monitoring has special self-healing scripts that will run automatically if a problem is detected helping your infrastructure to be healthy.


  • Save up to 70% of your phone bill
  • VoIP PBX Included
  • Unlimited Calls to USA-CANADA-PUERTO RICO
  • Compatible with all SIP devices
  • Keep your current number
  • Connect anywere, use it anywere*
  • Multiple layers of security, hardware and software firewalls in place.


*Must have an stable internet connection in order to work properly.


We are always innovation,  creating, an idea is the initial to develop new projects and these can be defined by the only important thing that is "How this project will help people to have a better life" is this the impulse that we all have to start something new and we SHARE entirely this feeling, we serve as a conduit to grab that idea and transform until becomes real.

Our developers, real experts in what they do. Innovate and Create

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