Graphic Design

Graphic design defines the identity of your business. It is the first contact between your company and your potential customers.
In this sense, graphic design is not merely decorative. (Also important)
A well done graphic design transmits the personality of your company, creating interest in it.

What we offer

Visual identity (Logo)

It is the visual that identifies your company; it is an added value of the corporate image that reflects the quality, confidence and value of its products and / or services.


They are designed according to your corporate image. The first impression of your business is extremely important to make contact with a potential client.

Printed material.

While it is true that websites have become a marketing tool, printed material is still a necessary and very effective tool when communication is done face to face.


Our websites are created with designs adapted to your type of business and productivity needs.

Select your plan
Select your plan
  • Delivery time in days *
  • New logo design
  • Corporate visual identity
  • Business Cards
  • Page heading
  • Applications for social networks
  • Brochure (Pages)
  • Folders design
  • Design of invoice for sale
  • Promotional mail design (html)
  • Image package for social networks


$400.00One time
$400.00One time
  • 20
  • 4


$900.00One time
$900.00One time
  • 25
  • 4
  • 5


$3,000.00One time
$3,000.00One time
  • 32
  • 4
  • 8
  • 6

*Working days after delivering all the material by the customer
High resolution logo files for print or digital application (we do not deliver the editable files).
JPG and PNG files of the logo, application for networks and Cards / Letterhead in Word / Brochure in pdf.


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What is graphic design for?

Graphic design is responsible for issuing messages or communicating through images and texts to increase sales or improve the corporate image.

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What benefits does my company or project obtain with graphic design?

Presence at the national and international level, better position in the face of competition and interaction with clients, saving of economic resources and time.

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How long does it take to deliver a job?

Delivery time varies depending on the type of project requested, ranging from a week to 1 month.

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Can I make changes to the graphic design?

Yes, depending on the contracted package.