What is CaaS?

Simplify IT using cloud as a service.

For organizations looking for ways to manage IT more efficiently and cost-effectively, using the cloud as a service can provide huge benefits and greater growth when needed.

A large number of providers offer some ways to use the cloud as a service. From Software-as-a-Service offerings to cloud infrastructure and desktop cloud hosting, cloud services enable organizations to adapt IT resources to business needs more efficiently, reducing capital expenditures by provisioning the virtual resources required over time.

With the cloud as a service, organizations also enjoy greater scalability and cost reduction. And IT teams can free themselves from the routine tasks of monitoring, maintaining and updating IT resources by downloading these jobs to a team of third-party experts.

When moving to the cloud as a service solution, choosing the right cloud computing provider is vital. A preferred provider must offer a world-class cloud architecture and state-of-the-art data center services, protected by the most advanced security defenses and a proven security methodology.

For companies around the world looking to get the benefits of using the cloud as a service (Caas), Backlayer is the cloud service provider of choice.

Why Caas?

Application Services

Application services that include managed hosting for the main business applications and communication resources, including suites of Microsoft products, IBM, Oracle and custom applications.

Desktop Services

Desktop services that provide virtual cloud desktops to help solve the challenges of desktop management.

Virtual Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure services that provide virtualized infrastructure on demand and allow organizations to combine resources with business need more effectively.

Hosting Services

Hosting services that allow organizations to outsource server management, security, networks, databases, storage and much more.

Simplify IT

Using cloud as a service


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Why is there no price list for this service?

Our CAAS services are specially managed by our affiliates who work as integrators of the Azure and Amazon AWS solutions.

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Can I get a CaaS without having a business?

It is possible, specifically a CAAS can work even for a personal project or development such as games, servers to host a blog, among others.

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What do I need to enjoy this service?

You only need a project, it can be from a blog, the development of a software or a complete infrastructure if you wish, the cloud expands to where you require it.

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What kind of services can I have in the cloud?

Cloud Backup, redundancy of servers, dns servers, hosting servers, applications that execute specific functions, Windows desktops, among others.

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Do I have to have some kind of special program to work with CaaS?

Yes, but they will depend on what is installed in the cloud, for example, if they are Windows applications you can use RDP to connect and if the system is based on Linux the SSH connections should be made using Putty.

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What is the advantage of working with CaaS?

Redundancy, support and technical support, it will depend on what you acquire since the cloud works as a service on demand.