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Backlayer Inc., is a company created and developed in Miami, Florida, USA. Arrives to Panama in 2013 under the figure of Backlayer Inc., and arrives to Colombia in 2017 under the figure of Backlayer Colombia SAS., Being integrated with a team of multiple skills that reaches all the needs that your company may need.
Our main specialties are: Web Hosting Services, Infrastructures IT Managing Services, Web and Application Development, Cloud Backup and Voice over IP Services. With our services everyone can easily start a new business or provide better performance to an existing one, our representatives and IT experts will help you succeed in any topic or project you may have.

Backlayer Inc. is and will always be the provider that is always within reach of your needs.

Our History

Out Team

Diego Veloza



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Marco Pirrongelli



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Niurka Rosas

Sales Executive

Testing QA

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Luis Camacho

Team Leader

App Developer

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Libana Abdul


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Francisco Gonzalez

Senior Graphic Designer

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Milena Matheus

Electrical Engineer

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Josibel Hernández

Wordpress specialist

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Preguntas Frecuentes Backlayer

Where are the Backlayer headquarters?

We are located in the United States, Panama and Colombia.

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What is the specialty of Backlayer?

We are a technology company which integrates different solutions ranging from infrastructure and IP telephony to the development of applications and software.

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Do you plan to continue expanding?

Yes, we are currently expanding in Colombia and Panama, next expansion phase could be Europe and South America (Chile, Argentina or Uruguay)

Preguntas Frecuentes Backlayer

Can I buy a domain and hosting for a single web page?

Yes. In Backlayer we adapt to your needs.