Backlayer Inc., is a startup company developed in Miami, Florida, USA. Backlayer is Integrated with a multiple skills team that reaches every need that your business might need. Our main specializations are: Web Hosting Services, IT Managed Services for infrastructures, Web & App Development, Cloud Backup and Voice Over IP Services. With our services everybody can easily start a new business or provide better performance to an existing one, our representatives and IT experts will help you to succeed on any issue or project that you might have.

It is the technology that makes possible that all our infrastructure and services works, we took physical servers and we convert them into multiple servers using virtualization allowing us to save space, be more green and be safe and reliable.

Our partnerships with Microsoft and Google allows us to resell Office365 and G-Suite that in a difference from them, we include for FREE the installation, advice and initial setup. With this technology you will be able to conquer your goals since their features are just perfect for your needs.

VoIP is the technology that allows worldwide communications without having a phone line using the internet as the bridge to make it happen. This technology use Asterisk and SIP Protocol to function.

Remote Monitoring & Management is the tool that we provide with our service LayerCare and help us and your IT guys to keep an eye on your tech devices and also provides multiple applications and scripts that will run automatically to keep your Desktops, Laptops and Servers optimized.

A web hosting is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server owned or leased for use by clients.

Web & App Development is the expertise that our high level engineers provides to you when you need to create something new in the internet, using programming skills and special software to compile the code that we create for you.

June 2011


Backlayer started business with a great idea to deliver Web Hosting & Development.

Octuber 2011

First Partnerships

Backlayer started to get certified on Cisco and started to form those alliances required by our potential leads.

March 2012

1st Datacenter Cluster

Our growth was exceeding our projections, so we head up to speed up the plans and started to deploy our 1st Datacenter cluster that started with Cisco Servers C220, C240 and Supermicro to deploy our 1st virtual environment and start to advance into "the cloud"

July 2012

Latin America HQ

Latin America, an excellent market that we do not waste, Alliances in Peru and Venezuela were made providing us the presence needed in the area.

August 2012

VoIP Project Started

Voice over IP, a first class service that needs a lot of attention and hard work, multiple customers requesting this kind of services obligated us to think more about it. 1st tests and certifications started internally to get together all the pieces with the main objective that is offer a reliable service.

Cloud Backup Era

February, 2013

Since the cloud was getting stronger, we started to offer Cloud backup services by the hand of our great partners, providing us the infrastructure needed to make it possible.

August, 2013

VoIP Launch Event

We launched new services on august 2013, but we did an spectacular event with all our customers and some colleagues of other businesses to present our VoIP services and all the new projects that we were handling. A new era of services were coming.

October, 2013

Panama Expansion

Since Venezuela situation was getting delicate, we expanded to Panama in order to keep getting stronger our presence in Latin America.

January, 2014

New Image - Relaunch

After hard work, we move forward to present our new image that will represent better our interest, new branded services were released replacing the conventional names, LayerCare for IT Management, LayerDrive for Cloud Backup & File Collaboration, VoIPLayer for VoiP Telecommunications and HostingLayers for Web Hosting & Domain Registration.

July, 2014

New Datacenters

We expanded our server offering to Dallas, Los Angeles, and Virginia.

December, 2014

Getting more Secure

After all the events in 2014 about Cyber attacks, we started in August 2014 a full certification and training by Cisco and Arbor networks that provided us with the expertise needed to react and be proactive against all kind of attacks where the most common is DDoS.

March, 2015

New Partnerships

Since the software is always needed in the common daily operations of our customers, we looked forward to do some good partnerships with PRTG, Intuit, Microsoft, Connectwise, Labtech and ESET

May, 2016


Since development were getting stronger, we decided to create a division of this service providing the autonomy needed to operate.

November, 2016

New Datacenters and Website

France & Canada were added to our locations of datacentres and launched our new website that will provide more detailed and accurate information




Administrative Team

Marco Pirrongelli

Founder / CEO

Marco F Pirrongelli

Account / Sales Manager

Bolivar Sanchez

Legal Department

Andrea Ochoa

Billing Department

Mario Solla


Anna Boulton

Sales Department


Rafael Moreno

PHP & MySQL Developer

Luis Camacho

App Developer

Reinaldo Diaz

Ionic / App Developer

Omar Silva

Team Leader / Wordpress / UI Design

Technical Experts

Libana Abdul


Daniel Fabbiani

IT Manager / RMM

Francisco Merino

Senior Support Engineer

Graphic Design Team

Francisco Gonzalez

Senior Graphic Designer