5 Tips To Recover From A Disaster Situation In A Fast And Effective Way

By April 21, 2016Backup, Security, Technology
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1. Backup of documents incrementally

For obvious reasons every IT department should always have in their investment plan costs for backup of critical and valuable company information. It is important to understand that the cloud backup is part of an evolution and is a leading service in the area, thanks to its high availability, fault tolerance and security level of encryption. Today we have seen that in many parts of the world have suffered disasters of all kinds, such as natural disasters, as well as political and social disasters and the most common of all the theft of internal information and hacking.

One of the benefits of backing up in the cloud is that, thanks to its advanced system, allows us to perform various types of support such as incremental, for copies, and replicate them in different locations, while maintaining the high value of their information and providing the availability you require.

2. Servers and Databases

One of the most critical services in this area are Databases, since they contain valuable information about the daily operation and activity of your company. This type of backup is much more special than we ordinarily see when backing up files, because databases contain locks and other elements that are critical to its operation. Best practices recommend that these backups are made systematically and to maintain a retention of up to 6 months. This means that if your database has a size of 50 GBs, then you would need more than 9 TBs to keep this scheme. Fortunately, Backlayer’s current backup system provides for your Database, allowing you to quickly and easily program all the settings to archive and to do it in an automatic fashion, giving you more time to focus your attention on other projects.

3. Data Centers

Many companies are leading off in this area as they consider it more profitable and safer to build their own Data Center. In this case it is important to mention that there is a hybrid way to manage the information due to the fact that we are talking about files, databases, applications and virtual servers and NAS (SANs). That is why the replication of all this infrastructure is necessary using methods such as cloning of virtual machines in other Data Centers in order to carry all of this data, it’s what we call high availability, for example if one fails then the other responds because the data will be replicated and so will all of the information.

4. For The Home

Many times we take some work to our homes and don’t think about the consequences this may bring as our home systems are handled by different people of our family or are in an insecured network. There are solutions that as a company we offer that keeps information secured and encrypted in the cloud and only accessible to those devices, with Internet connection, with the same encryption level, which makes it safer when manipulating files.

5. Fearing The Cloud

We have seen how many companies are afraid of the concept of the Cloud because they think that all of their information will be “exposed” to anyone, since they argue that is available online and to some extent this is true, all the information is available but only to those who are authorized to access it. There is a very similar example, that of online banking because it is available for everyone but if you do not have the proper credentials you simply are not able to access. The Cloud works in the same way and every day we seek better ways to protect this tool.