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May 2016

Security Layers

The hacking of #PanamaPapers

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On April 20th, an article titled: “Temen que bufetes puedan ser ‘hackeados’ para fines negativos” was published in the Panama America newspaper, where it explains that other Panamanian law firms could suffer a possible malicious intrusion in order to extract valuable information about their customers and activities. In my opinion, no security system, whether internal or external, it’s 100% foolproof. It depends a lot on how vulnerable is your infrastructure and how can we minimize a breach when we deploy different layers of security. There are several ways of accomplishing it, the idea here is to make the intrusion harder and wait and see if the hacker desist on his/her attempt to infiltrate your network. Here at Backlayer we make the following recommendations:

1. Firewall

It’s the first, and most important, layer of security your infrastructure should posses in order to avoid any intrusions via the Internet. It’s like the front door of your home. It has to be strong and bold, able to recognize and support any possible attack that can happen at any given moment of the day. There are different companies and models offering many solutions, it depends on your budget and level of security required. Read More