Fanatical IT Managed Services for your Organization.



Build your website and host it securely with Backlayer, Easy, Fast and Affordable.


Your Phone System in the Cloud. Ensure your worldwide communication.


The cloud was never so easy, We help you to start building your ideal solution.


We provide many services like Hardware and Infrastructure analysis, Office365, Licensing and Branding/Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing and Website Development.

Our Features

  • 1

    24x7 Help Desk

    Our Help Desk engineers are available 24x7 to help you provide solutions to your issues, we look forward to provide peace of mind.

  • 2

    Go Global

    Our global platform is always expanding, take advantage of new services and promotions that will help your business growth.

  • 3

    Easy to Manage

    We provide the necessary documentation and training to help you manage the services we deploy for your business. We will take care of you.

  • 4

    Amazing Partners

    We have incredible partnerships and alliances with leading companies like Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, IBM, HP, among others.

  • 5

    Risk-free & 100% Updated

    Keep out of risk since we provide transparent upgrades. Your business and data are always secured.

  • 6

    Save Money

    We look forward to helping your business be within your budget. Don't worry about overexpenses, Backlayer will always provide the best budget.

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